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Committee Positions

Supporting the Group ChairmanSupporting the Group TreasurerSupporting the Group SecretarySupporting the Group Supporter Group Leader and Committee Handbook

Group Chairperson (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. To support and assist the Group Leader in running the Group as laid down in Policy and Rules.
  2. To chair meetings of the Group Committee, after preparation of an agenda in consultation with the Group Committee Secretary.
  3. To give a lead to the other Committee members by personal example, and motivate and enthuse them with specific objectives.
  4. To ensure that the Group Committee co-operates with the District Association and appoints delegates to District as required.
  5. Be a Delegate to District and liaise with the District Association/Executive and its Chairman and refer to them for advice as necessary.
  6. Provide a written annual report.
  7. Manage the Group Committee so as to achieve the goals and responsibilities of the Group Committee.
  8. With the Group Leader develop appropriate procedures for running the Group, including hall hire rates and guidelines.
NB. If unable to attend a meeting, he/she must ensure GL and Vice-Chairman are told and are briefed. Reports to Group Leader

Group Secretary (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Ensure the Group Chairman is kept fully informed on all correspondence pertaining to the Group.
  2. Ensure notices of regular meetings of the Group Committee are sent out in sufficient time, giving date, time and place of meeting.
  3. Prepare, in consultation with the GL and Group Chairman, an agenda for each meeting.
  4. Keep minutes of all meetings of the Group Committee.
  5. Despatch a copy of the minutes, with appropriate action points highlighted for attention, to each Group Committee member.
  6. Assist the Chairman with the preparation of the Annual Meeting and Annual Report.
  7. Maintain an accurate record of the expenditure of Petty Cash allocated for postage, etc.
  8. Undertake other secretarial duties of a Group nature as may be required from time to time.
  9. Liaise with the District Association/Executive Secretary and refer to him/her for advice as necessary.
  10. Maintain suitable records, files and correspondence relating to Group affairs.
  11. Prepare, review and maintain records relating to Hall hire.
  12. Attend Group Committee meetings.
  13. Assist in preparation for and management of the AGM in April each year.
  14. Be an active member of the Group Committee.
  15. Support the Group President and Group Committee to achieve its goals and manage its responsibilities.
Reports to Group President.

Group Treasurer (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Operate and maintain accounts of Group Committee including sub committees including receipt of money, issuing receipts, banking, presenting accounts for payment to Group Committee meetings. Ensure accounts also include in the name 'The Scout Association of Australia" and require two signatories to operate all accounts.
  2. Arrange annual audit of all accounts of Group, i.e. Group Committee, Group Council, Sections, Sixes, Patrols, Units, etc., and presentation of statements of each account in the required format through Group Leader to District.
  3. Ensure that all accounts are operated as per Scout Association rules.
  4. Oversee the operation of Section accounts only insofar as the way in which the books and accounts are being maintained, arrange assistance if desired/required.
  5. Ensure that budget is produced which includes input from Group Committee and Group Council.
  6. Review bank account signatories annually and change as necessary.
  7. Arrange collection of Group levies (Fees) reporting position monthly to Chairman and Group Leader.
  8. Attend Group Committee meetings.
  9. Prepare monthly accounting statements for presentation at Group Committee meetings.
  10. Prepare annual statements and reports for Branch in preparation for AGM.
  11. Support the Group President and Group Committee to achieve its goals and manage its responsibilities.
Reports to Group President

Trustee(s) (Role and Responsibilities)

Role and Responsibilities
  1. Prepare and maintain a list of all equipment owned by the Group.
  2. Periodically check the equipment to ensure that it is in good repair and suitable for the purpose for which it was bought. Ensure stowage is not a fire/accident hazard.
  3. Check all buildings regularly for repairs, fire hazards, etc. Ensure that vandal/burglar proofing is adequate at all times.
  4. Recommend to Group Committee any repair needs or renewal requirements and manage those authorised repairs.
  5. Towards close of financial year give an updated building contents and equipment list to Group Secretary for inclusion in annual returns. This list should have replacement value against each item, or group items. (Note: The building value (for insurance purposes) is provided to the Group annually by the NSW Branch of Scouts Australia.
  6. Prepare report for annual general meeting and Group Committee meetings.
  7. Organise Working Bees, when required.
  8. Arrange six monthly safety inspections.
  9. Attend Group Committee meetings.
  10. Assist Group President and Group Leader to achieve Group goals and manage its responsibilities.
Reports to Group President

Social Committee Convenor (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Establish a social committee to organise and carry out various social functions during the year.
  2. The social functions are usually fund raising.
  3. Establish a Fund Raising Sub-committee.
Report to Group President

Maintenance Convenor (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Co-ordinate the maintenance and repairs to the Group's hall and equipment, as necessary.
  2. Paint over Graffiti on the Hall as soon as possible
Reports to Trustees

Newsletter Collator (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Produce, collate and distribute the Newsletters once per term (4 issues per year).
  2. Leaders, through the Group Leader supply newsletter items.
  3. Deliver Newsletters to Leaders. Newsletters are distributed at the last meeting night in each term, for each Section (i.e. Venturers, Scouts, Cubs & Joeys)
Reports to Group Leader

Job Week Coordinator (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Obtain a current list of youth members from the Group Leader
  2. Prepare and distribute the Job Week Cards to the Leaders of each Section. (Scouts Australia sends out the cards to each Group for Job Week each year).
  3. Collect and count the Job Week money and make arrangements with the Treasurer to bank the money.
  4. Different awards are given for various amounts of money raised. Obtain the required awards from Region office. Distribute awards to Section Leaders.
Reports to Group Leader

Cleaning Roster Coordinator (Role and Responsibilities)

  1. Obtain a member's list from the Group Leader.
  2. Make up a Cleaning Roster of the families, including Names and phone numbers. (Families that have member(s) serving as a Leader or holding a Committee position are exempt from the Cleaning Roster).
  3. Post out the cleaning roster. Pin a copy of the cleaning roster up in the hall.
  4. The hall is available for cleaning Saturday afternoons and all day Sundays.
  5. Tuesday or Wednesday each week, phone the next person on the roster to ensure they remember and arrange pick up (and return) of the hall key and burglar alarm instructions.
  6. If a family finds the scheduled weekend is unsuitable, they should arrange a swap with a family further down the list. When a swap is made they should also notify the Cleaning Roster Co-ordinator.
  7. Maintain records of postage, stationery and phone calls for reimbursement.
Reports to Trustees
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